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Trending Asooke Style: The Beauty of Onjawu Asooke

Onjawu asooke also called perforated asooke has been in vogue for a long time. I can say it part of the earliest asooke style. Onjawu asooke are those asooke with holes. Over the years, onjawu asooke has seen tremendous improvement and innovation in the pattern and designs of the holes to make it unique and more beautiful.

Onjawu asooke is very suitable for couple’s asooke (either traditional wedding or engagement ceremony) and it always looks very stunning and unique on them. Also, some onjawu asooke looks more classy compare to plain asooke.

Using onjawu asooke for any event or ceremony is never a miss. If you need onjawu asooke for wedding, engagements, birthday ceremony, aso ebi, personal use etc, you can always contact an aso oke vendor.

Below are some pictures of Onjawu asooke.

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