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Top 10 Aso Oke Colour For 2024 And Beyond

We welcome you to a New Year, there is no doubt that there are going to be a lot of reasons to celebrate and party hard this 2024—either Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Birthday etc.

One question a lot of celebrants will like to get answers to is what will be the trending aso oke colour in 2024. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you Top 10 Aso Oke colour that will rock 2024 and beyond.


This is the first on the list. Blush Pink Aso Oke gained recognition in 2018. Very suitable for any event or celebration. I believe aso oke lovers are yet to have enough of it; with that, it’s going to be one of the trending aso oke colours in 2020. Blush pink aso oke can be used as a single colour with embellishments to make it unique and stunning. It can also be combined with other colours depending on how creative you are with mixing colours. Some aso oke colours that can be combined with blush pink aso oke are lilac, baby pink, champagne gold, salmon pink, purple etc.

blush pink asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)

blush pink gele asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)


Yes onion, if you haven’t heard about this colour now you’ve heard. Available in two shades dark onion and light onion. Either you choose dark onion or light onion you’re still on track. Light onion aso oke will be one of the trending aso oke colours for 2020 and beyond. It’s almost similar to blush pink but guess what; every colour is unique on its own. You can never go wrong with onion aso oke for any party.

dark onion ipele and gele asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)


Number 3 on my list is salmon pink. I must confess the shades of pink aso oke are really competing with colours like blue and green aso oke which have numerous shades in aso oke. If you want a unique colour for your 2020 event or ceremony, give salmon pink aso oke a shot. I bet your guests will love the colour.

salmon pink and blush asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)

salmon pink asooke by royale asooke (08033235962).


I know emerald green is a very popular colour but when it comes to aso oke, it’s a perfect colour if you’re tired of other shades of green aso oke like army green, bottle green, lemon green or Nigeria green aso oke. It’s important to note that emerald green aso oke is different from bottle green aso oke (also called 7up bottle colour) as emerald green asooke has it own distinctive colour. If you’re thinking of using green aso oke this 2020, think emerald green aso oke.


Like salmon and blush pink, aso oke lovers are to get enough rose gold aso oke. Rose gold combines well with numerous colours and aso oke designs. Thinking about using rose gold aso oke for that 2020 event? Go for it.


Burgundy aso oke has been in vogue for years. It can be combined with bright colours like sky blue, silver, champagne, blush pink, lilac etc. Like I said earlier Burgundy aso oke is not as new as other colours mentioned above but it I can tell you that it will trend in the world of aso oke this 2020.

burgundy cap asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)

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Aqua aso oke is never a miss for any event, party, or celebration. If you’re planning to use aqua aso oke for any of your 2020 events, please do. It’s a very elegant, fun and bright colour. Suitable with colours such as teal green, champagne gold, silver, burgundy, coral, wine, rose gold etc.

aqua and champagne gold asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)

aqua asooke gele for women asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)

aqua onjawu asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)


Among all the numerous shades of blue aso oke such as navy blue, turquoise blue and sky blue aso oke, royal blue aso oke is the most preferable for aso oke lovers. It combines perfectly with numerous colours including other shades of blue.

royal blue and white onjawu asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)

royal blue perforated asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)

royal blue asooke with white stripe by royale asooke (08033235962)

blue ipele and gele asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)


The demand for Yellow aso oke in 2019 was very low and I believe it will come out of it 2019 break and be among the trending aso oke colour in 2024.

yellow asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)

yellow asooke for couples asooke by royale asooke (08033235962)


You might be wondering which colour has four question marks. I want you to tell me in the comment box below the colour of aso oke you think will trend in 2020. If you have an event this 2020 and you’ve chosen the colour of aso oke you want to use, feel free to share and if you haven’t, which colour do you intend to choose. All in the comment box below.

Other colours worth mentioning include Peach, Magenta, Purple, Ash/Grey etc. Don’t forget to contact Royale Aso Oke (Call or Whatsapp: 08033235962) for your aso oke needs. We are here to meet all your aso oke needs.

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